* Small, Light, Convenient to carry.

* Best quality materials used for robust construction

* Easy "One Touch" Release.

* Safe slow-down System


The 612TC 150kg Type 1A contractor grade telescoping step / extension ladder represents a revolutionary breakthrough in conventional ladder technologies.

Made from lightweight, high strength aluminum alloys, the automatically telescopes up or down from just 90 cm to 3.6m. in seconds to give you a convenient 4m. climbing height extension ladder that is easy to carry, easy to use and easy to store.

It also telescopes up to just the height you need in one ft. incremements giving you many extension ladders in one small versatile package.

Weighing only 113.2 kg the Telesteps 612TC telescoping Step / extension ladder can be taken, used and stored anywhere that most conventional ladders just won't fit!


This Specially designed ladder Strong, portable, lightweight. Combination Step/Extention Ladder that articulates open from a step ladder to an extention Ladder

Height Open:             Step 1.8m (6ft) - Extension 3.6m (11 ft)

Height Closed:          900 mm.

Width @ Base:          850 mm.

First Step Height       300mm

Net Weight:               13.2 kg

Capacity:                  150 kg

Colour:                      Silver

Standard:                  Australian Standard