Telescopics Worldwide continue improving their products, recent improvements to our ladder range include:-

♣    Patented One Touch Release: a simple single compression/pinch release to retract the ladder.

♣     A patented slow down system to ensure smooth retraction of the ladder.

♣     Advanced locking indicator system for added safety with indicator windows at either side of the rungs that turn green when the ladder is extended and red when retracted. Green indicating the mechanism is locked and red unlocked.

♣    Improved feet and bumpers for better adhesion to the walls and substrate.

♣     Ladder tubes are now double pulled for better telescoping operational characteristics.

♣     Improved locking mechanism to ensure quicker locking and seating of steel bolts to prevent internal friction of locking components.

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1st July 2014

1st April 2017

Telescopics Worldwide have introduced a New Combination Ladder Step/Extention that articulates open from a step Ladder into an Extention Ladder.

11 ft Extention Ladder - 6ft Step Ladder   Complete with Carry Strap.

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For more information, please contact our Marketing Department